YA: Traditional Books and Indie Books

A lot of us fans of young adult fiction like reading books from a variety of publishers — big ones like HarperTeen, medium publishers like Entangled, or self-publishing authors. Those with bigger publishers tend to get more publicity, obviously, but sometimes a reader wants something from a smaller publisher or a self-publishing author but isn’t sure where to do. I know there are lots of Indie/Self-published lists on Goodreads, but there are so many out there!

My solution is this neat little table which compares traditionally published books and books from smaller presses. This is exclusively for Young Adult books, just because that’s what I read and write and tend to care about. If you want adult fiction, start a list and tell me about it!

Click here for the chart.

Because of the layout of my blog and the width of the table, I needed to make it its own page instead of a blog post. Please submit your suggestions either here or through the contact form! I will probably update it once or twice a week depending on time. Enjoy! I’ve already found some awesome Indie authors through this and I plan to tweet about individual books/comparisons when I have the time 🙂

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