Writing Prompt: Hipster Disney Princesses

I found this picture from a tumblr I follow called Writing Prompts.

Retell the story of a Disney movie with one change: the princess is now a hipster.

Viria13 originally posted these two pictures on DeviantArt with a few more of our favorite princesses.

I think I’m going to do this and post it here on my blog for fun. I just have to decide which princess to do because there are so many possibilities.

Pocahontas could be a girl teaching a football player about cultural insensitivity by fighting to change her school’s “Red Skins” mascot. Ariel idolizes France and is willing to do anything to get into the prestigious art school of her dreams. Anastasia (not Disney, but close enough) is finally leaving her group home to hunt down her real family and finds out she’s the missing daughter of a billionaire. Belle falls for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks — oh wait, that’s been done before.

Seriously, though. I’m inspired. But I need to finish my other series first. I wrote about it a LONG time ago, and now that the Protectors series is done, I’m finishing the trilogy! I wonder if I can finish it before 2015?

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