Winter Escapes: Dec 7th – 14th

From December 7th to 14th, I’m participating in Winter Escapes. More than two dozen Young Adult Fantasy Books are either for sale at 99 cents or free!

All week, we’ll be posting on the blog and running a giveaway for a $100 Gift Card! Stop by and meet some new authors! Save your money for your loved ones and get some bargain books for yourself!

Two of my books will be participating across all retailers:

I will be snatching up a few of these books myself — here are the ones already on my Kindle or ones I’m really excited about (and of course I’m a little biased because I’ve been working personally with these authors!)

Not sure which books to pick up? Check out our Sampler, which features excerpts from more than a dozen books of the giveaway: 99 cents on Amazon or free on Smashwords

Stop by TODAY to enter the giveaway, save on books, and meet some new authors!
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