Wallflower by Jennifer B. Fields

Wallflower by Jennifer B. Fields

For Connie Boyle, a job at the Hayfork, Kansas library was just an excuse to get away from her abusive husband. But when she learns that she’s the only one who can hear the not-so-dead specter haunting her workplace, she vows to find out what happened to the ghostly teenage Wallflower.

Working in secret, Connie and Wallflower find strength in their unorthodox friendship as they track down leads to Wallflower’s identity. But the answer is closer than they realize when Connie inadvertently uncovers the bloody wake of a serial killer. Allies become suspects and suspects become allies as it seems everyone in sleepy Hayfork has murderous potential.

This book starts off with a confused semi-corporeal girl who finds herself in a library without any of her memory. She can touch people and objects, but no one can hear her. That is, until Connie Boyle, the new employee at the Hayfork, Kansas library. Connie and the strange girl team up to find out who the girl is and what happened to her, and they open up one mystery after another, uncovering murders and secrets of their friends, family, and coworkers.

At first, I was kind of expecting an urban fantasy novel, but I definitely think it’s more of a mystery with a paranormal spin. Instead of exploring the paranormal aspect, the focus of the story is mostly on Connie and her development as a character. She deals with an abusive husband, the guilt of a tragic past, and a tyrannical boss.

The author spins together such quirky characters that are brought to life with great description. There’s such great imagery and use of the senses, plus some really witty lines of dialogue or description. (I wish I was more of a highlighter type of person, I should start doing that so I can quote parts of the book that I liked!)

The characters go through a lot, and the plot has a lot of twists and turns. There was a couple chapters in the middle that I thought moved slower than the rest, kind of the “sagging middle” syndrome. Overall, though, the events move at a good pace, revealing all kinds of crazy stuff about Connie, her husband, her house, and her coworkers. We really start to care about Connie and Wallflower and their struggles. We start rooting for them almost right away, the author did a great job of developing their characters. It has a very satisfying ending, too. The climax is quite a whirlwind, I really liked it!

Disclaimer: I do know this author personally, but I tried to be balanced with my (unsolicited) review 🙂

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  • My goodness, Emily! Thank you for the glowing review. For the love of Pete, please copy and paste this to the Amazon site! I could use all the reviews I can get.
    You have quite a talent for writing reviews. Have you ever considered doing it professionally? You should talk to our friend, Shelley about that.
    Thanks so much for being a great friend.

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