How–Or If–A Character’s Gender Affects Their Influence On Plot

I love the Walking Dead. It’s a great show. Addicting, action-packed with flawed yet likable characters. But I’ve noticed something recently. The men make all the decisions. The men are the ones driving the plot. The women? Not so much. They’re usually subplots. For example, Andrea’s botched suicide and her wanting a gun; Beth wanting[…]

How To Become A Best-Selling Writer On Amazon (with little emphasis on “Writer”)

1. Write in a popular genre, even if you hate it. The popular genres: mystery/thriller, romance, erotica, and young adult in some genres, like paranormal. Anything else, pretty much forget it. Fantasy and scifi is only read by weirdos, literary is too boring, historical is for old people. Go where the money is, even if[…]