Why I’m Nervous About The Book Thief Movie

Generally, I am not that person who freaks out over movie adaptations of books. I really like seeing how a movie producer and his cast and crew interpret the author’s story and adapt it for a different medium. If you read my book/movie comparison posts, I try to look at the theme and characters instead[…]

How–Or If–A Character’s Gender Affects Their Influence On Plot

I love the Walking Dead. It’s a great show. Addicting, action-packed with flawed yet likable characters. But I’ve noticed something recently. The men make all the decisions. The men are the ones driving the plot. The women? Not so much. They’re usually subplots. For example, Andrea’s botched suicide and her wanting a gun; Beth wanting[…]

Young Adult Books You Should Read If…

If You’re Going Through Hunger Games Withdrawals The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness Scifi/dystopian set in a world where men can hear each other’s thoughts, called their “noise.” A trilogy with deep societal issues that echo the Hunger Games’ themes of inequality and power. The characters are younger, so while there is[…]

YA: Traditional Books and Indie Books

A lot of us fans of young adult fiction like reading books from a variety of publishers — big ones like HarperTeen, medium publishers like Entangled, or self-publishing authors. Those with bigger publishers tend to get more publicity, obviously, but sometimes a reader wants something from a smaller publisher or a self-publishing author but isn’t[…]