Pitch Madness: The Apprentice

I’ve submitted my most recent YA novel to the contest, Pitch Madness.
People are posting their Pitch Madness submissions on their blogs because we’re all morbidly curious, so here’s the pitch/excerpt that got me to round two. I hope I get into the finals — there will only be 60 finalists!

Name: Emily Ann Ward
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 89,000

When seventeen-year-old Madison discovers her dad’s been murdered, his magic stolen, she’ll stop at nothing to learn the truth. Every clue points toward one man: the father of the guy she’s falling for.

The air crackled around Madison as she felt the energy inside her build. She loved this feeling, this anticipation, the way the magic surged inside of her, waiting and wanting. Her fingers twitched, and she narrowed her eyes at her opponent.

Colin stood across the mat, his knees bent, his hands slightly raised. He grinned at her, tilting his head down, his long lashes nearly covering his eyes. “Come on, hit me with your best.” His grin widened. “If you can hit me at all.”

She smirked. “Oh, you’d be surprised at what I’m capable of.”

He opened his mouth, probably to goad her a little bit more, but she didn’t let him get a word out. She released her energy, forcing it into the air, sending it straight for his chest. Her energy was purple, a unique hue just for her. He broadened his chest and straightened his shoulders. Cocky little turd.

Unfortunately, he had every right to be. He was an Absorber—everything she threw at him, he’d only absorb to be released later.

The energy hit his chest, and his skin glowed underneath his shirt as he absorbed it. If he were anyone else, he would have had to block it to avoid a nasty burn.

She sent another shot at him, but he was already releasing her energy, shooting it towards her—it had taken on Colin’s color, a deep green. She darted back while twisting her magic so it hit his. When they collided in the air, sparks flew: purple and green.

2 thoughts on “Pitch Madness: The Apprentice

  • Thank you for sharing your entry. I love the pitch and adore the writing! This is so solid, I cannot imagine you not getting requests. Only the title falls flat for me, but the writing makes up for it.

    Please take some salt with this reading, as I am in the query trench too. Best wishes on your endeavors!

    But, seriously, MATH? There is a reason I went to law school and it had everything to do with math anxiety. Luckily, I have my kindergartener here to solve the post-comment math problem ; )

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