International Authors’ Day: The Five Authors You Love

Today, I’m part of a blog hop for International Authors’ Day. I love doing these. I always find great blogs, from readers and other authors, and I hope you do, too!

I’m doing a giveaway, too! On July 18th, I will be gifting through Amazon two ebooks of your choice AND one of my own books. I’ll contact the winner so we can talk about exactly what books you’d like! The only rule is the total of the other two books can be no more than $10.

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Authors are awesome, aren’t they?! I can’t even begin to describe the inspiration, entertainment, and influence they’ve had on me.

Right now, there are five different types of authors in my “favorites” bank.

The “Nostalgia” Author

This is an author you read when you were a kid, or at least long enough ago to be promoted to the distant past. You have fond memories of reading their books and growing up with them. For me, it’s reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my sister, Grace.

For me, this is CS Lewis or Shel Silverstein.

The “Changed My Life” Author

This book was something you were not expecting. A book you were required to read in high school, maybe. Or one on a topic close to you heart. Or on a topic you weren’t expecting to really care about, but after you read this book, you couldn’t go back to before.

For me, we’re talking Shaine Claiborne, Donald Miller, or Rob Bell.

The “Will Stay With Me Forever” Author

This author wrote a story that told something profound about the human experience. They wove together a narrative that you sometimes think about even though it’s been months since you read the book. You see things on the street that bring you to tears because they remind you of that one character. You feel slightly greedy with these books because you don’t want to cheapen the experience.

John Green and Patrick Ness have written a lot of books like this, ones I can’t recommend enough!

Sometimes an author will even get on this list even though one book really falls into this category — like The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.

The “Next Big Thing” Author (also a “New Favorite”)

This is most likely an author you just discovered, even though everyone else has been talking about them forever. You stayed up very late finishing their book. You want everyone to read it so you can see them soar on the best seller’s list. You can’t get enough of their books. You’re eagerly awaiting the final book in their series. Or the next series since they already finished one.

Sometimes you get to see your new favorite become everyone’s favorite, like Suzanne Collins!

My new favorites are Maggie Stiefvater, Brigid Kemmerer, Samantha Young, and Jennifer L Armentrout.

The “All of the Above” Author

Then there are those precious authors who fit more than one of the above categories — or all four. This is a special type. A rare snowflake. We should give them all our money and love and adoration.

JK Rowling. John Marsden.

Authors, one and all, you guys inspire me and influence me. A lot of you light a fire under my ass because I’m convinced I’ll never be quite as amazing as you are, but I’m still driven to try. 

Okay, folks! Join the giveaway and hop around and find some more awesome blogs!

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