Holiday Blog Hop: Dec 10th – 14th

I know, I know, this blog is pretty awesome, huh? Giveaways, sales, all kinds of fun all the time!

This is a pretty big post, and there are basically two parts to it.

First, I want to give you a chance to enter the Holiday Blog Hop both for my giveaway and the giveaway for the grand prizes (huge ones!)

Second, I want to highlight a fundraiser I’m doing on December 11th and 12th for Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization in Pakistan. On those two days, I will donate a portion of my profits to this organization that fights for women’s rights and education. There is no purchase necessary for entering the giveaway, but please consider it. I have quite a few books available for 99 cents (including a few involved with Winter Escapes), and for every sale, I can donate 35 cents to this amazing foundation. Think about it and read more about it below, after the entry form for the giveaway 🙂

Holiday Blog Hop Giveaway

On this blog, I’m offering:

Three bundles of YA ebooks (mine included, of course ;))

I will gift them to you on your preferred retailer—Barnes and Noble or Amazon (or Smashwords with the first bundle).

For international entrants: keep in mind Amazon and B&N will only gift to countries a book is available in. If the books aren’t available in your country, I can send you a gift card with the equivalent amount.

Even more awesome, our Holiday Blog Hop has an assortment of prizes to give to the hoppers:
TWO Kindle Fires
$25 Amazon Gift Card
18 Signed Paperbacks
36 Ebooks

To enter for the Kindle Fires and the Gift Card, just TWEET!

Tweets MUST include the hashtag #hohohop (This is how we track them)
Tweets MUST include a link to the blog hop.

Here are some sample tweets you can cut/paste:

WIN Kindle Fires, an Amazon gift card & more at the #hohohop #freekindle #free #giveaway #win

WIN FREE SWAG at the author #hohohop prizes include 2 kindle fires! #freekindle #free #giveaway #win

For the other prizes, visit the 2012 Holiday Blog Hop to see the rules.

Now, onto the ebook bundles!

Contest closed!

Winners of the ebook bundles are:
Corey F.
CM Keller
Brandi F.


(Winners: check your e-mail and contact me if you don’t have anything in your inbox from me!)

(Teen Superheroes—B&N, Amazon, or SW)
Hush Money by Susan Bischoff
Heroes ‘Til Curfew by Susan Bischoff
Connection by Emily Ann Ward

(YA High Fantasy—Amazon or B&N)
Slumber by Samantha Young
Sleepers by Megg Jensen
Promising Light by Emily Ann Ward

(SciFi with Amnesia—Amazon or B&N)
Eden by Keary Taylor
The Overtaking by Victorine Lieske
Finding Fiona by Emily Ann Ward

December Fundraiser

December 11th and 12th, I will donate a portion of my sales profits to Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization in Pakistan.

– For 99 cent books, I will donate 100%. On most retailers, this is 35 cents. On Smashwords, it’s about 65.
– For all other sales (anything above 99 cents, any paperbacks, etc), I will donate 50%

Mukhtar Mai is an amazing, resilient woman from Pakistan who was gang-raped in a Pakistani court for restitution for her brother’s alleged sexual crimes. Although everyone expected her to kill herself, she went to the police instead. Although she still hasn’t received justice, she started an organization for women and girls. Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization runs schools for both boys and girls, a women’s shelter, and a resource center. They advocate for women’s rights around the world in conferences and in the community.

I only plan to donate profits from December 11th and 12th, but if you’re here on the 10th or 14th and you’re moved to buy a book, just contact me and let me know what book you bought and where! I will be sure to add that book to my counts for December 11th and 12th. You can find links to purchase my books all over this website, but here are some quick links to author profiles on retailers:

Barnes & Noble

(Please keep in mind when you’re shopping: I don’t see any of the profits from the two anthologies from Chamberton Publishing: Gaslight and Love, Me)

If you want to gain an entry in the giveaway by spreading the news about the fundraiser, here are some ideas:

– Tweet
Some possible ones you could use:
Dec 11th and 12th: support women’s rights and education in Pakistan by buying books from @emilyannw
“Women hold up half the sky” ~Mao Zedong. Support women’s education in Pakistan by buying books from @emilyannw

– Facebook Posts
Share videos about MMWO:

Share articles about MMWO:
Mukhtar Mai – New York Times
Flood brings hundreds knocking on her door – Global Post

Please include links, too!
Mukhtar Mai Women’s Organization
Blog Post on this website about the fundraiser

– E-mail your friends (this is harder to prove with the entry form, but I’ll probably believe you ;))

– Blog about it

Thanks, everyone! I’m excited for these giveaways and to support such a great organization. Happy hopping!

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