I’m baaaack

Probably only a few have noticed that emilyannward.com was down for about a month. We got attacked by zombies! No, just kidding, it was vampires. (Wielding malware and malicious code.)

But we¬†prevailed! After deleting thousands of files, a dozen suspicious FTP accounts, backing up old pictures, and going through the time machine that was our Bluehost account (guys, I used to sell murder mysteries), we switched to a new hosting provider and I’m back.

The¬†website will be a bit wonky until this weekend, when I can sit on the computer and stare at the screen for hours as I reupload all my pictures, play around with new themes, get all my WordPress plugins back, and start anew. I’ll probably get very excited about having a new blog and post regularly for a month or two, after which I will vanish into thin air.

So, stay tuned for:

  • Blog posts about the Raven Boys because I have a new obsession.
  • Picture files that work!
  • A new theme.
  • Occasional updates about my next project, which I plan to query to agents and publishers instead of self-publishing.
  • More introspective blog posts as I recover from a shoulder surgery in August.
  • A rant (or two) about how much Bluehost was overcharging us.

Here’s to a new website!



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