Connection Release!

Guess what, guys? It’s here! Connection, the first book in the Le Garde series, is available for your reading pleasure. My new YA Novel is both Fantasy and Science Fiction with plenty of Romance. Readers of Susan Bischoff’s Talent Chronicles will enjoy Connection. If you like superheroes and teens and romance, you’ll like it!

Aaron and Anna haven’t been friends for almost a year, not after he deserted her when she needed a friend the most. When Aaron approaches Anna for help with his homework, she can’t deny her former best friend or the way he makes her feel. Despite her reluctance to trust him again—not to mention how much their strange telepathic connection freaks her out—she gives in. English homework. How hard could that be?

Soon Anna finds out that nothing with Aaron is easy. Not the way their touch suddenly triggers power outages and lightning storms. Not the feelings he has for her despite her already having a boyfriend—or how she’s falling for him in return. And certainly not the mysterious secret society called Le Garde that wants to recruit them. The new knowledge that they’re not alone in their powers or connection forces them to choose between continuing to live their normal lives or falling deep into the world of Le Garde together—and maybe even in love.

On sale this weekend for only 99 cents!
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(Kobo and iTunes coming soon!)

You can also enter the giveaway to win a copy of Connection until the 25th!

Promising Light is also on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 99 cents all weekend across the retailers!
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Read an excerpt from the second chapter of Connection:
I saw Jordan and Chandler coming up the steps with nachos and drinks. I tried to give Anna a silent warning. I think it worked, because she looked up at Jordan warily as he approached us. Jordan smiled at her. He stumbled—it was the least convincing stumble I’d ever seen. He dropped his soda on her shoulder first. She shrieked, shying away from him. His nachos fell next, right onto the back of her head.

“Oh, no,” Jordan said, his smirk barely hidden.

I stood and pushed Jordan hard in the shoulders. He fell back into the seat, and he stared at me in disbelief. “What the hell?” he demanded.

“What are you, like twelve?” I yelled. I turned to Anna, who was trying to get the chips off of her. Her shock was slowly turning into humiliation. I stepped forward to help, but Jordan pushed me, knocking me off balance.

“It was an accident,” he snapped.

“Like hell it was. And don’t touch me.” I pushed him again.

Chandler grabbed Jordan’s sweater, holding him back. “Guys, come on.”

Jordan shoved Chandler off of him. “Shut up, Chandler!”

Members of the audience were around were turning to stare. If they weren’t staring at Jordan and me, they were staring at Anna. Her sweatshirt was soaked with pop, and there was nacho cheese on her neck and in her hair.

Allie stared at her in shock. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

“Where’s Ginger?” Anna asked, her voice shaking. “We’re leaving.”

“I’ll go get her,” I told her. “Go clean up, we’ll find you in a second.”

Jordan glared at me, but I ignored him. Anna took Allie’s hand, and they went toward the aisle. Eyes followed them, and I wanted to scream at them to keep watching the game.

“Sorry,” Jordan called after her. He looked at me. “It was an accident, you know that.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re a dick,” I said as I left.

I found Ginger in the bleachers, talking to a few freshmen. “Ginger?” I said. “Anna wanted me to find you. She’s ready to go.”

Ginger just looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“Jordan spilled nachos on her, and I told her to go clean up while I found you.”

“Jordan?” Ginger repeated, and she stood up with a huff. She looked so much like Anna, the same dark hair, brown eyes, smooth skin. “I hate him.”

“Yeah, he’s a jerk.”

“Oh, now you stick up for her,” Ginger said.

Ouch. Not that I didn’t deserve it.

She said goodbye to her friends, and I walked with her to the bathroom. I could feel Anna in there. Her feelings of humiliation flooded me again—humiliation from having to walk all the way to the bathroom, having to deal with Jordan and his cruelty once again.

I should have stopped him or something, should have known he’d do something stupid. And he’d done shit way worse than this back when they first broke up, but I’d just ignored it. No, I’d lied to myself about it all, then just sat back and let it happen.

I paced around the door, and ten minutes later, Anna came out, her sisters behind her. She had her sweatshirt draped over her arm and wore a short-sleeved shirt. She shivered from the breeze. Her hair looked damp and frizzy, like she’d been trying to rinse out the cheese. Her eyes were red, too, and I could tell she’d been crying.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m sorry. Jordan needs his head flushed.”

“You’re telling me,” Anna said. “We’re leaving now.”

“Are you taking the bus home?”

Anna nodded. She was dreading the trip without a sweatshirt.

“I’ll give you guys a ride,” I said.

“It’s fine,” Anna said, taking Allie’s hand.

“Come on, I have Mitch’s car for band practice,” I said. I glanced at the stadium behind her. Chandler would have to give Jordan a ride home. I didn’t want to see him again tonight. “If you want to stay here, I’ll go get the car and—”

“I don’t want to stay here,” Anna said. She started walking, pulling Allie behind her.

Ginger groaned. “It’s cold, and the bus doesn’t come for half an hour. Let’s just ride with him.”

Anna shivered. I could tell she was torn, not wanting to take any favors from me.

I shrugged off my jacket. “Here.”

Anna shook her head, not even glancing over at me as she pulled Allie down the sidewalk. I think she was trying not to cry again. Shit.

“Come on, just take it. Chandler’s is still a few blocks away.”

Without a word, Anna exchanged her sweet-smelling sweatshirt for my brown jacket. It looked good on her, actually. A smaller size, and it would have been perfect.

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