Character Development Exercises: the Details

Anyone can find character worksheets for the big things that make a character: personality traits, romantic history, family members, etc. But I think you can learn a lot from a person in the little things. Here are ten different things a writer can ask about their characters to get to know more about them. (Best for characters in modern stories)

1. What kind of e-mails do they get? Who is in their contacts? How often do they use it? What kind of e-mails do they send?

2. What does their room/apartment/house look like? What kind of decor do they use?

3. What’s in their wallet? Their purse?

4. What’s their morning ritual? What about before they go to bed?

5. What do they never leave the house without?

6. What websites do they surf in their free time? What websites help them with work? With hobbies?

7. What apps do they have on their phone? Do they even have a smart phone? If not, is it a financial decision or because they prefer something simpler?

8. How much money is in their bank account right now?

9. What food would they always choose over anything else? Drink?

10. What’s on their ipod or mp3 player? Do they have one? What do they prefer to listen to in the car? What about when they’re cleaning?

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