New Shop

Hey, all! I’m having a lot of fun with my new website. One new feature I’m implementing is a shop and the option to buy ebooks (and eventually print books) through! You’ll see there’s a new link to the Shop. I’m going to be adding products over the next week or so until all of my[…]


I’m baaaack

Probably only a few have noticed that was down for about a month. We got attacked by zombies! No, just kidding, it was vampires. (Wielding malware and malicious code.) But we prevailed! After deleting thousands of files, a dozen suspicious FTP accounts, backing up old pictures, and going through the time machine that was our[…]

Website under construction

Hello! If you’re stumbling upon this after 7/13, then you’re seeing the brand new website! I’m getting used to WordPress and playing around with themes. The problem is, I’ve been doing this all day and I really need to get some actual writing done! So, not everything is functional, but I’ll be back tomorrow 😉