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Today, we have the AWESOME author Megan O’Russell and her book The Tethering. 

The Tethering by Megan O'Russell

All sixteen-year-old Jacob Evans wants is to win the heart of Emilia Gray, but with order in the magical world crumbling, war threatening, and Emilia’s boyfriend living across the hall, he may never have the chance.

Jacob Evans loses everything he has ever known and is tossed into a world of magic. The Dragons, a group of rebel wizards, are threatening to expose the existence of magic to humans. Jacob is determined to find a way to fit into Emilia’s family, but as his powers grow, so does the danger. With the death toll mounting, Jacob is accused of acts of rebel terrorism and must fight to stay in a world he’s only just beginning to discover.

When Emilia’s life is threatened, Jacob must risk everything to save her. Does he have the power to rescue her in time? And what could their survival cost?

You can preorder this book TODAY through the Kickstarter project!  But let’s hear from the author herself if you want to know more about The Tethering.

Megan! Thank you so much for joining me on my blog!

What’s the first sentence of The Tethering?

Jacob Evans sat in the front row, looking back whenever he could at the new girl two rows behind him.

Fill in the blanks: The Tethering is like [book/movie/TV show] meets [a different book/movie/TV show].

Example: The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire is like Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman meets Harry Potter.

This is the hardest question I’ve had to answer, and I’m honestly not sure what to say. There is magic, and love, and lots of epicness. There are wizards called the Dragons, but not actual fire breathing dragons. There is death, but the emphasis is on life. And there’s a flying fox. So I would say The Sorcerer’s Apprentice movie meets Romeo and Juliet? Is that in okay thing to say?

What are you most excited for readers to read in The Tethering?

I am most excited for readers to see where the journey between Jacob and Emilia goes. But my husband just wants everyone to get to the last third of the book when a character named Domina appears.

Can you tell us about the title? Or is it a secret?

It is a secret but one that is revealed fully during book one of The Tethering Series.

How did you balance the romance between Emilia and Jacob and the fantasy world they live in? Did you ever want to focus more on one or the other? 

I think the romantic aspect is really what creates the drive from one scene to the next. The magic is there, present and important, but the decisions that Jacob makes are never really about magic. It all boils down to Emilia. The magic is always there, but there were times I had remind myself that these characters could do magic and I had to give them permission to do so.

On that note, are there any fantasy books you’ve read that have great romances that you can recommend to us?

Don’t judge me, but I love the Roran love story in Eragon (book one of the Inheritance Cycle). Roran is what you want your love to be, and Katrina actually deserves his love, which I love. I hate wimpy girls that boys just fawn over for no reason.

What about books you wish had more romances?

I am a huge fan of the Madeline L’Engle books. I love all the things she created, but when I was a teenager, I wished the romance could have moved a little more to the forefront.

Enough about romance! What’s your favorite thing about your magical world? 

I love, and this is going to sound strange, I’m sure, the rules that I’ve created. There is a very definite way that magic works, and finding a way for my characters to use those rules to win or lose has been one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of creating The Tethering series.

Anything you wish we had in our world?

I wish we had the ability to do the extraordinary things that the wizards in The Tethering can do, but maybe we’re all a little safer without magic.

What do you want readers to come away with after reading your books?

That choices have consequences, even if you weren’t the one to make the choice. And that some things are worth fighting for. No matter what the cost, some things, some people are worth risking it all.

Preorder today, visit Megan’s website, or Silence in the Library Publishing

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