Emily Ward Bio

I never know what to write about myself for these things. I’m a writer! This should come easy. But I write about the fantastical, the unreal, the impossible. It takes practice to write about myself.

So here goes, after starting over a dozen times and discarding a dozen drafts: I’m Emily. I’m an author currently living in Oregon. I teach English to speakers of other languages, I listen to a lot of music, I love to travel, and I read quite a bit (not as much as I wish I did). I make a lot of plans and only follow through with some of them. I have the most amazing family I could ask for and wonderful friends.

I also write books. This website is mostly for those books, but I also write blog posts about other things that interest me: religion, society, entertainment, language. If you click around here, you’ll find my books, links to different places where I post stuff online, sporadic blog posts, and a few other things I threw together for you guys. Don’t forget to say hi!